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林德集团 Customer Name: Linde Group
林德集团是全球领先的气体和工程集团,是工业气体、工艺与特种气体的全球领先供应商,是盈利最多的工程公司之一,林德产品和服务几乎遍及每个行业,分公司遍及全球100个国家,总雇员多达50,000 人,2010财年销售额达到128亿欧元。 Client background: Linde Group is a leading global gas and engineering group, a leading global supplier of industrial gases, processes and specialty gases. It is one of the most profitable engineering companies. Linde products and services cover almost every industry. The company operates in 100 countries and employs 50,000 people. Its sales in fiscal 2010 reached 12.8 billion euros. The Linde Group strategy is sustainable growth based on revenue and global business expansion through forward-looking products and services. Linde started with air separation technology and achieved great success. The Linde Group is divided into three business units: Gas, Engineering and Home Healthcare.
林德集团六西格玛培训 Translation project: Linde Group Six Sigma Training
189 万字 Total words: 1.89 million words
长期 Project cycle: long-term
配合林德集团在大中华区的六西格玛培训,翻译浩如烟海的有关六西格玛培训的各种讲义和材料,是力友翻译公司迄今为止所从事的最为全面的六西格玛培训翻译之一,六西格玛管理的精髓全部有所涉及,这就是:对顾客需求的高度关注;高度依赖统计数据;重视改善业务流程;突破管理;倡导无界限合作。 Project description: Cooperating with Linde Group's Six Sigma training in Greater China, translating all kinds of lectures and materials about Six Sigma training, which is one of the most comprehensive Six Sigma training translations undertaken by Liyou Translation Company so far. The essence is all involved, which is: a high degree of attention to customer needs; a high degree of dependence on statistical data; a focus on improving business processes; breakthrough management; and advocating unlimited cooperation.

Customer Reviews

Our company's business is diversified, involving machinery and equipment, industrial gases and engineering, so we need a comprehensive translation company. After comparison, we selected Liyou as our translation supplier, and the feedback from each BU was good.

中交上海航道局 Customer Name: CCCC Shanghai Waterway Bureau
上航局前身为清朝光绪年间设立的“浚浦工程总局”,迄今已整整101周年。 Client background: Shanghai Airlines was formerly known as the “Junpu Engineering General Administration” established during the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty, and it has been the 101st anniversary. For more than 100 years, the company has developed into the nation's largest dredging company integrating dredging, channel improvement, reclamation, survey and design, surveying, general contracting, and shipbuilding.
船舶配套设备的资料翻译工作。 Translation project: data translation of ship's supporting equipment.
至今已超过180万字 Total words: more than 1.8 million words
长期 Project cycle: long-term
为该公司新造船舶的引进设备部分进行翻译工作,主要涉及重燃油系统、船用齿轮系统、双排量液压马达系统、分油机系统、热交换系统、供油泵系统、调速器系统、导航系统等使用手册和维修手册的翻译。 Project description: Translation work for the company's newly-built ship's imported equipment, mainly involving heavy fuel oil systems, marine gear systems, dual displacement hydraulic motor systems, oil separator systems, heat exchange systems, fuel pump systems, and governor systems Translation of user manuals and maintenance manuals such as navigation systems.

Customer Reviews

The translation services provided by your company abide by the contract, and the professional and technical expression is accurate. At the same time, considering the large amount in the quotation, certain discounts can be given.

苏尔寿泵业 Customer Name: Sulzer Pumps
苏尔寿泵业是瑞士著名工业工程技术及机械制造企业苏尔寿集团的子公司,是全球领先的泵产品的制造商,主要产品是离心泵、搅拌器和混合器。 Customer background: Sulzer Pumps is a subsidiary of Sulzer Group, a well-known industrial engineering technology and machinery manufacturing company in Switzerland. It is the world's leading manufacturer of pump products. Its main products are centrifugal pumps, mixers and mixers. The core market areas include: oil and gas, petrochemicals, papermaking, power stations, water supply, sewage treatment, food processing, metallurgy and fertilizers. The company's products are known for their superior technical performance. We have more than 50 professional service centers around the world to provide customers with convenient services. In addition, the company has several pump plants on various continents in the world. These make Sulzer Pumps the ideal supplier of pump solutions.
产品说明书、技术资料、技术规范文件的英文到中文翻译等。 Translation projects: English to Chinese translation of product manuals, technical materials, and technical specifications.
280万 Total words: 2.8 million
长期 Project cycle: long-term
承担该公司英文产品说明书、技术资料、技术规范文件等的英文到中文翻译,产品类别涉及多相泵、提升泵站、节段式泵、单级离心泵、二级离心泵、潜水泵、立式泵等。 Project description: Undertake English-to-Chinese translation of the company's English product manuals, technical materials, technical specifications, etc. The product categories involve multiphase pumps, lift pump stations, segment pumps, single-stage centrifugal pumps, secondary centrifugal pumps, submersible Pumps, vertical pumps, etc.

Customer Reviews

Liyou's translation is in line with our requirements and habits. It has experience in mechanical professional translation and is an ideal translation supplier.

卡特彼勒 Customer Name: Caterpillar
卡特彼勒(Caterpillar)是世界上最大的土方工程机械、建筑机械和矿用设备的生产商,也是全世界柴油机、天然气发动机、工业用燃气轮机以及柴电混合动力机组的主要供应商。 Customer background: Caterpillar is the world's largest manufacturer of earthmoving machinery, construction machinery and mining equipment, and a major supplier of diesel engines, natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines, and diesel-electric hybrid power units worldwide. As a Fortune Global 500 company, Caterpillar is a global leader in construction engineering machinery, mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines, and diesel-electric hybrid power units. At the same time, Caterpillar is a leading provider of financial, remanufacturing, logistics and rail services.
卡特彼勒培训中心的培训资料翻译 Translation Project: Training Materials Translation for Caterpillar Training Center
400万 Total words: 4 million
长期 Project cycle: long-term
承担该公司工程机械培训资料的英文汉化工作,培训内容涉及重型机械的各个系统,如驱动装置、变速装置、传动装置、工作装置、制动装置、防护装置、润滑系统、冷却系统等。 Project description: Undertake the Chinese-English translation of the company's construction machinery training materials. The training content involves various systems of heavy machinery, such as driving devices, transmissions, transmissions, working devices, braking devices, protective devices, lubrication systems, cooling systems, etc. . The translation project involves comprehensive technology and numerous professional vocabularies, which is quite difficult.

Customer Reviews

Through interviews, assessments and trial translations of several translation suppliers, Liyou Translation Company was finally selected as our training material translation supplier. This is because their performance reflects that this is a company specializing in engineering translation.

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