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[Life Consumption] Translation Companies-What Should Be Noted When Doing Translation First?

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What qualities do you need to do when you are doing translation for the first time? Today, I will combine the various opinions and explain them one by one for you:
1. Practicing basic translations is a science and an art. To be a qualified translator, you must not only be proficient in related fields, but also have solid language skills (including source and cause languages). Only in this way can you express accurately and concisely in the target language on the basis of understanding the original text. In this regard, there are some small suggestions:
When starting to work in translation, it is recommended not to pick up first; Chinese to foreign translation; business, do more; foreign translation; so that you are more confident and easy to get customer recognition. Wait until you have enough foreign language information before you start to get involved; When doing; Chinese to foreign translation, you should refer to the original foreign language expressions.
Be clear about your strengths (explanation: can overwhelm each other's favorable situation), do not do everything, focus on one area as a breakthrough. If the work is too complicated at the beginning, it is not conducive to accumulating experience. Therefore, it is best to identify 1-2 areas of strength to do according to your own interests and knowledge. . At the same time, this will make customers relatively concentrated in one area, easy to maintain customer relationships, and easy to establish their own brand.
When doing translation for the first time, you should take quality assurance as the first priority and don't try to be fast. Due to the lack of experience at this time, we should check and ask many places that are not sure, and work hard to find out. As the saying goes;; Second work carefully; As long as you take it seriously and control the quality, you will get many opportunities for customers to renew orders. Again, this is the process of building your own brand (guò chéng).
Pay attention to accumulating language materials in practice and keep learning. Excellent translators are trained. Don't expect to go through the short-term training (function: knowledge transfer, skill transfer, standard transfer) in one step and become a master translator of Swordsman, but continue to accumulate experience in practice. For each task, it is best to ask the client for their final draft, so that you can know where you are deficient, and avoid making the same mistake next time. By accumulating these translation achievements, we gradually build our own corpus and continuously improve our translation level.
Communicate more with your peers. The exhibition translation needs to do a certain booth design, break through the "standard booth standard configuration" of Chinese exporters, and make some ideas to attract guests, while improving your image in the eyes of guests. Especially for the guests who have met in foreign exhibitions, some of them will not come to your factory for inspection in the short term. The impression of the booth is very important and it is a strong guarantee to obtain customer confidence. I personally think that companies that don't pay attention to image don't know business. For newly-developed translators, it is best to expand their translation circles by participating in industry events or clubs and meeting more experienced seniors. Learn from each other's experience through communication. When you encounter a difficult problem, you can also ask for more advice. This will make you improve faster. The three-person line must have my teacher. Even a senior translator will inevitably encounter jerky vocabulary during translation. The advantage of communicating with others is to make fewer mistakes and gain strengths.
2, maintain a good attitude to maintain an open mind to learn at any time. Translation learning is never a matter of once and for all. You have to learn anytime, anywhere, from anyone, and from anywhere. You need to read extensively and strengthen your knowledge of all aspects of politics, economy, culture, and military; you need to be concerned with current affairs and politics and keep an eye on global news. You have to be very curious, you have to have the power to ask and break the casserole to the end. You have to be a translator to learn translation. You are studying English, but you may have to know how sodium hydrogen carbonate (Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate) says, what is the principle of a car engine. If you want to do a good translation, you have to make yourself like a sponge, absorb and learn anytime, anywhere.
The long road to translation learning is not always a success. The enthusiasm and energy of novices for translation learning will be your greatest motivation to learn translation well. So start with the basic skills, improve your translation ability a little bit, get a translation certificate, and work hard towards your dream.
3. Translation certificate is indispensable. It is recommended to take the test. The exhibition translation needs to do a certain booth design, break through the "standard booth standard configuration" of Chinese exporters, and make some ideas to attract guests, while improving your image in the eyes of guests. Especially for the guests who have met in foreign exhibitions, some of them will not come to your factory for inspection in the short term. The impression of the booth is very important and it is a strong guarantee to obtain customer confidence. I personally think that companies that don't pay attention to image don't know business. From the angle of ability, taking a translation test is actually the best test of your translation ability. Take the CATTI National Translation Professional Qualification (Level) exam. The scoring standards for the exam are very strict, and the ability of candidates is very high. Taking the exam is also a hone for the translation ability that you have accumulated before. From a job search perspective, if you are aspiring to work in translation in the future, a professional certificate with a relatively high gold content is undoubtedly a good bargaining chip in the workplace.
4. Sufficient vocabulary is very necessary without vocabulary, then your translation is not enough. Because the vocabulary represents a person's thinking ability, British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, has 90,000 vocabulary, which is quite high, because compared to Shakespeare only 16,000, Dickens only 50,000, an English major eight students, is 13,000 , And a well-educated British American has a vocabulary of 25,000.
But vocabulary is accumulated, it is difficult to imagine that a person with only 5000 words can translate good things, because there is no word that can be used to express the meaning you want to express.
Of course, you can pass Jinshan or something, but you still need to improve your cultivation. Especially for interpreters, it is not possible without a certain vocabulary. There is a desire to remember the word to see it.
5. Mastering (familiar and able to use) commonly used translation software and hardware tools Mastering commonly used translation related software and hardware tools is a basic job requirement for modern translators and a trend in the industry. The basic software that needs to be mastered are: electronic dictionary, CAT (computer-aided translation) software, scanner and OCR conversion software, OFFICE series office software, PDF conversion software, Internet query tools such as GOOGLE, etc. Mastering the basic operational control of these software can help improve translation efficiency, make it easier for translators to handle translation tasks, and get more business opportunities.
6. I learned to pack my own translators, and I have already submitted my resume on major recruitment websites. Why do I rarely get job opportunities? That's because your resume is not professional enough, it doesn't reflect its own advantages, and it has been wiped out before it has time to apply. On the basis of accuracy and smoothness, Shanghai Translation Company transforms one language information into another language information. Translation is the process of transforming a relatively unfamiliar expression into a relatively familiar expression. Its content includes language, text, graphics, symbols and video translation. The author believes that, under normal circumstances, resumes need not be long, simple, concise, and focused. What recruiters care about most is not whether you have been a monitor or organized social activities before, but whether you have related translation experience and what related translation projects you have participated in. Therefore, translators should highlight the customer's concerns in the resume when applying. In addition, for different customers, you may need to prepare different resumes so that customers can understand whether you are qualified for their job.
7. Skillfully respond to the trial translation. Some recruitment companies (Company) will require candidates to complete a part of the trial translation in order to have a preliminary understanding of the translator's translation ability. Translation companies basically translate all language-related things (such as literature and speech), including novels, movies, poetry, speeches, and more. But the difficulty of translation varies in different fields. For example, poetry is almost impossible to accurately translate, because the form, phonology, etc. of poetry are all part of its meaning. At this time, we must treat it peacefully and objectively. Normally, the trial translation chapter should be controlled within 500 words. If it is too long, you can choose (xuanze) to further communicate with the company and try to translate only a small section. If the hiring company asks for a long translation, you can refuse, because this is not in line with the rules and there is a suspicion of exploiting labor.
8. Keep communication tools unblocked when applying, it is best to leave a few more contact methods, such as MS
N, Q
Q, mobile phone, email, etc., let customers easily contact you. As a freelance translator, it's important to maintain clients. If the client is unable to reach you under the condition of urgent translation (Condition), he may not choose you in the future. If it is really inconvenient to answer the call, you can set up a message to let the client know that you are busy, reply when you are busy, and clearly reply to the other party.
9. Observe professional ethics and keep promises
Once the translator accepts the task, he must submit the manuscript in accordance with the agreed quality and quantity. Even if there is a problem (Emerson) in the middle, he must timely feedback and communicate. Some translators, in order to get more orders, promised everything when they picked up the job. They obviously didn't have enough time, and said that there was no problem. As a result, they could not submit the manuscript and had to find various excuses to fool them. Often such translators will be blacklisted, and it will be difficult to get a job later.
10. Pay attention to communication and feedback. If there is an unexpected accident in the middle of the translation (for example, something suddenly cannot be completed or is sick), the customer should be notified immediately so that the customer can adjust the staff in time to reduce loss. In addition, if you encounter jerky vocabulary that you cannot resolve yourself, you can communicate with the customer. If you cannot resolve it, you should indicate it in the translation to remind the customer to pay attention to it during the review. Actually, communicate more with customers

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